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Hello everyone! I know you’ve been dying to know where you could get our treats. Unfortunately right now, it is not available through a physical store yet. But we are trying to address that problem soon. We are on the process of opmening up our own store so please stay tuned! For the mean time, please keep on ordering through our site!

In a few days time, we are beginning to distribute our treats to some partner stores. Don’t be surprised if you’ll see it at your favorite restaurants and that pastry shops around the corner.

Want to order online? It is easy, just send us an email today and our customer service representatives would get a reply to you shortly. Bulk orders should be made atleast 5 days before the event. Delivery time usually depends on the place, and so is the delivery cost. But if you are just in the area, the delivery cost is free. So get your treats today by emailing us at