What does this store sell?

Salted Caramel is like your typical pastry store. We sell here breads, sweets, and treats that would no doubt bring the sweet tooth out of you. Our products are not too sweet that would give you a cavity. Instead we focused on the sweetness being on the right level and adding a little bit of salty caramelly twist on it.

If that’s not enough, we also sell cold treats in the form of popsicles and ice cream in a cup. These are good as desserts and something to pull out of your fridge to address that one hot summer day… or night.

Where to buy Salted Caramel products?

Currently, we only sell our products online. In 6 months time we are planning to open our first store which will be located in Phoenix, AZ so watch out! But for the meantime, you can order our products in this site.

Oh. We are partnering with many supermarkets and groceries to deploy our products there to be available to our customers. We’d provide a list soon so this is probably something ypu should check out as well.

Do you do customize work?

Because we want to accommodate all the requests of our customers and we want to give them a good customer experience, we do accept custom work.

Nowadays the only thing this applies to are our cake and cup cakes creation. But there are times when on bulk orders, requests due to allergies are being made. We do this and make our customers happy. Also, we do cakes for all occasions. Our pastry chefs value their craft that they have perfected the art of baking. Check out our wedding cakes. They are the best in town.

For other concerns not addressed here, please email us. We’d love to hear from you.