Cakes that are to Die For!
Posted by @arizaemb
Posted on 11/11/17 11:11:12

OMG. The cakes here are so superb that for a week we’ve consistently denying our need to go on a diet. I don’t cake about the calories, this cake is life!

I ordered a cake from this store upon hearing how delicious it is from a friend of mine. Not once did I regret my decision because all those goodness the cake was made of was extremely delicious. I was happy that Salted Caramel gave me extra cup cakes for it because the visitors I had were disappointed that the cake was gone immediately. For the next few days, I was even receiving inquiries of where I did buy it.

I thought it was just a farce that this store have been a subject of conversation by my officemates. But when I tasted it, it was really so good. Actually, every treats they have at this store was tasty that I see to it that I never get out of stock at home. The kids also love it and so does my husband who was not a big fan of sweets.

Try it yourself to see what the fuss was all about.

So much fun with Salted Caramel
Posted by @abiza
Posted on 11/01/17 13:18:15

I had the best shower party ever! Thanks to all my friends who made it happen. However the highlight was this ginormous cake courtesy of Salted Caramel. I cannot tell you what the shape of the cake, but hey let your imagination soar. It was a shower party after all.

Anyway, the cake was beautifully made and tastes amazing. The blend of that sweetness and slight salty taste of the caramel was very delicious. We really had a lot of fun and went home with a full stomach.

We’d definitely order again!