Weddings & Events

Salted Caramel Group is available to serve any types of treats for all occassions. Whether you just want to amaze the people of the sweel and salty we offer, or be the talk of the town for serving something exceptional and extraordinary, we are the man for the job.


Give that wow factor to your wedding by serving your guests sweet yet savory dishes from us. The right blend of sweet to that salty treat would guarantee that your guests would be craving for more. We are proud to say that our masterpiece has this kind of effect to everyone, so we usually create extras for such events.

Salted Caramel Group could accommodate everything from being the centerpiece of your sumptuous buffet, to being that later night snacks everyone was craving. We can also provide you some parting favor that would make your event even memorable.

Beware! Our treats are extremely addicting so be prepared to get demolished by the incoming calls you’d receive in succeeding days. Honeymoon? Underrated!


Catering to all kinds of events is what we do the best. Having a birthday party you are celebrating soon? Going to have some bridal shower from a soon-to-ger-married friend? How about a stag party for the future groom? Or maybe it’s just Christmas is looming around the corner and you want a better table this time of the year? No matter what, Salted Caramel treats could be the icing on top of your cakes.

The best thing about us is that we adapt. We can make our creations in a way that would satisfy your theme. Your events would be brighter with Caramel Treats just around the corner. We are even more affordable than any treat store without compromising the taste and quality of what we serve.

Email us for the list of pricing and menu today.