Welcome To The World Of Fantastic And Yummy Treats – Salted Caramel!

We are not your typical chocolate and pastry stores. Our treats here are guaranteed to give you an addiction so right now, we are already giving you the heads up.

Sweet treats could be found anywhere. But sweet treats with a twist? We don’t think so. We’d like to see you taste our products to know what you are missing. Our products are made with the finest ingredients that would surely have you coming back for more. You could easily taste the difference from the other treats with just one bite. And the flavor? Simply rich and creamy with that bit of saltiness brought about by that caramel flavor.

Our products are not even pricy because everything comes from a local supplier. We ensure that our business helps others too, so locally produced products are our first choice. All ingredients are also fresh from the source and stored in the garage. Make sure your garage is safe before storing your precious treats in it by calling the best Tempe garage door company you can find. From there, the creation process starts which would be picked up or delivered to the recipients.

Our Treats

Salted Caramel treats are available for your consumption all day round. Our products are available as follows:


Needing something to bring a breathe of fresh and cool air to you on a hot summer night? Why not get a sample of our frozen treats to know what you are missing?

Our frozen treats come in many flavors to choose from that are fruity with that hint of caramel saltiness. We have also mango pudding flavor, and yogurt pops. This could be stored to your freezers for consumption any time of the day.


Indulged on some freshly baked treats with a caramel twist only here at Salted Caramel. Your breads, puddings, s’mores, pies, brownies, and other partry favorites had never been more delicious with our recipe. These are freshly made everyday or for every order.

Our freshly baked treats also include cakes and cupcakes for every occasion. It could be custom-made to blend to any theme you wish to have.


Salted Caramel also has many treats to offer you. Popcorn for that movie night? Caramel flavored candies that would satisfy your sweet tooth? We have that here.

Check out our products to know what and how to order. For questions about products and deliveries, you can email us at our contact us page.

Note: please inform us any allergies you may have when you order.

Getting curious now? There’s more. We get your goodies to you straight to your doorsteps! Hassle-free transaction from us to you! Delivery is free for a limited time only if you are just within Phoenix. Delivery outside would cost a little depending on the location and the weight of the product.

We also cater to all occasions. From weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, and such, we’ll bring you the treats to complete your table.

Email us today to know more about our products.